Scholarship Winners 2020

As you know, the COVID-19 shutdown forced the Santa Barbara Music Club to cancel not only its Spring Concert Series but also its Scholarship Program auditions. We were happy to discover that our talented young music students were finding ways to continue their studies, and with the COVID-19 shutdown, needed the scholarship awards more than ever. Our Scholarship Committee and the judges rose to the occasion and organized auditions by video. These videos varied in production standards: some were of concert quality and others were made on smartphones. Nevertheless, the judges were able to hear what they needed and award scholarships to the most deserving students.

The next challenge was to bring the talent of our scholarship winners to the public. As you also know, our popular Scholarship Concerts needed to be canceled as well. The Scholarship Committee and Board of Directors created a plan to post these videos on our website. We have obtained permission to post videos from the families of several of the students, as you will see below. Enjoy!

Audition Videos

Zephan Bornfreund, violin, age 16
Teacher: Dr. Han Soo Kim
Accompanist: Nathan Bornfreund

Mikayla Bohn, trombone, age 13
Teacher: Thomas Mooy
Accompanist: Oda Bohn

Haley Ellis, soprano, age 15
Teacher: Sharlae Jenkins
Accompanist: Sharlae Jenkins

Landon Hellman, piano, age 15
Teacher: Vera Kong

Elaine Hu, piano, age 11
Teacher: Lana Bodnar

Grace Hu, piano, age 13
Teacher: Vera Kong

Jiyoo Kim-Jung, piano, age 11
Teacher: Natasha Kislenko

Lauren Lee, piano, age 12
Teacher: Vera Kong

Lauren Lertchareonyong, violin, age 15
Teacher: Dr. Han Soo Kim

Evelina McGary, piano, age 19
Teacher: Dave Campos

2020 Scholarship Winners

Nathan Rundlett Memorial Vocal Scholarship

  • Neve Greenwald, age 16, mezzo soprano
  • Kellen Romano, age 22, baritone

Emil Torick Memorial Scholarship

  • Zephan Bornfreund, age 16, violin
  • Andrew Choi, age 16, violin
  • Lauren Lertchareonyong, age 16, violin
  • Sofia Malvinni, age 15, violin
  • Zoe Perez, age 16, violin
  • Sophie Saleh, age 14, violin
  • Barbara Uzun, age 16, violin

Santa Barbara Music Club Scholarship

  • Aria Abraham, age 13, flute
  • Mikayla Bohn, age 13, trombone
  • Charlotte Choi, age 13, cello
  • Haley Ellis, age 15, soprano
  • Holly Hadsall, age 14, piano
  • Nathaniel Hadsall, age 13, piano
  • Noelle Hadsall, age 11, piano
  • Landon Hellman, age 15, piano
  • Elaine Hu, age 11, piano
  • Grace Hu, age 13, piano
  • Jiyoo Kim-Jung, age 11, piano
  • Lauren Lee, age 12, piano
  • Vincent Lertchareonyong, age 17, piano
  • Joseph Malvinni, age 12, guitar
  • Evelina McGary, age 19, piano
  • Nick Parker, age 16, flute
  • Ilana Shapiro, age 20, flute
  • Rhyan Shweyk, age 14, piano
  • Zeyn Shweyk, age 15, piano
  • Aidan Woodruff, age 14, cello